The power of cosmic energy
Miso Krstovic, cosmo-bioenergetic and miraclemaker

Miso Krstovic calls himself a cosmo-bioenergetic because the way in which he cures people is hard to explain otherwise. He grew up on Ilidza and until 1990. lived his lie the way in which millions of people in former Yugoslavia had lived. Then some intelligence or higher wisdom, according to his words, gave him the information that hard times were going to come and that people were going to kill each other. He told this to his friends and other who were close to him but they could not belive in that. He left Sarajevo. For seven years he lived in Vienna, Prague, London, Paris, Luzembourg and during that period cured many people. Since he came back to Yugoslavia, mani patients who suffered from incurable deseases and were hopless cases for official medicine, found salvation in his practice “Nazaret”.

Why did you decide to leave Sarajevo and go to Europe?

- I saw the evil coming before anyone else. I left with my wife and one suitcase in the hand for Vienna. I acknowledged some higher force or God, call it whatewer you like, that pushes the strings. Peoploe often ask me whetether I belive in God. How can I not belive in something that I personally experienced? I have been speaking with him all my life. This is not a belif. I am aware of his presence in micro and macrocosmic plan as almighty energy that controls everything existing.

There is a great number of people in this part of the world who are doing this kind of work for living. What exactly do you do and in wich way is your work different?

- The way I do healing is very specific. I haven’t seen anything similar yet. That is just the speech of human body and soul. For example with emotional disorders people can experience the primary scream. If the problem is of physical nature, for example some organic disorder, if there is a paralised arm, it strats doing exercises itself. I connect my patients with “cosmic” energies. Energies locate the spot that is not functioning right and they start to cure. Even when people experience that, they sometimes are not able to explain what exactly is happening. As my patient Branislava Jergic from Sid would say, some invisible physiotherapist is healing her. At strat people think that these are not their own movements. Those energies can diagnose the disorder unerringly right, hela and improve the condition. While moving, you are totally consicious and you start working exercises against your will and that suits your body and soul. If there is a problem with stomach, it starts to grow like a football or if you are paralised, your legs start to move up and down and I am not the one who does that. So the moment I “connect” you with energies, cosmic or heavenly, they start to cure you.

In which specific cases can your method help?

- There have been good results with people who had problems with rheumatism, gout, arthritis, migen. The method I use is the best in the world for treating stress. I have achived good results in treating anorehy, tumors, musckle atrophy, depression, spondilosis and hernia. I can also help with almost alls pine disorders, hormonal disorders, sprt injuries, specific positive diopters, paraplegia, quadraplegia from which, people who have been in hospital for a very long time suffer and with psychosomatic disorders.

Who did you heal during your “europian” life?

- I would single one man for who I think is my destiny connection and this is Rade Serbedzija. He is really one great and noble man. He had some problems that we together solved. After working with him I had some offers to stay in London and continue my practice. People started to talk about me a lot and een the agent of a football player cam eto me. I asked him to pay the certain amount of money for children in Bosnia but he wanted to give me that money and I couldn’t take it. People told me to go to Hollywood and to treat Tom Cruise but energies didn’t let me. There were some rumors that I should become the queen’s private physician. What is more I have an invitation from BBC for making a documentary about my work. I cured one hindu jounalist who was impressed with that I could perform. She claimed that she had never seen amything like that before and she traveled a lot. After a conversation in BBC studio she sents me the letter of invitation. It is still open but for now I have no intention to go.

- When I was in Paris I met Lordan Zafranovic and I cured his producer during the preparations for filming “The Balkan Island”. The man offered me to work with ex – secretary of Czech Republic Mr. Ludvig Rubash who bought a clinic in some Prague quarter which should have been under survailance. For the opening I was to heal president Havel. Some will find it crazy but I couldn’t accept the offer. Energies didn’t let me.

What are the conditions here for your work?

- When I came here I faces myself with a very difficult situation. TV and other media have presented some people as they had some powers and the truth was that they were cheaters. They destroyed the faith in people so many sceptic when I came on the scene. If I were some name in government I would organize everything to be under the patronage of the state for there are really people who have certain powers. Some commission should be organized or something similar, as it is the case in England, that would approve this kind of work.

- The question of magic is here also misused. Many people wonder whether magic exist at all and what it is actually. As there is day and night, light and darkness, there are positive and negative people. There are people who think they are under the influence of some sort negative energies, conditionally speaking, and they look for cure anywhere so in such cases there can be incredible mususes. The only real cure is the human spritual purity. If you see that some person is evil, mean, all you have to do is to give that person love. Be sure this is the only real and right medicine for this kinds of problems.


I think that Bosnia or Serbia should found an institute for alternative treatments under the supervision of state as it is in England. The connection between traditional and alternative medicine would result with unbelievable possibilities. I feel to be examined by doctors and scientists. I want them to explore my powers and together with them to use it on people and help them improve their health condition and to cure them.


I have had bad experiences with this flood of bioenergetics, prophets and healers. False bioenergetics use some tricks that help them really bend and twist people but that is all they can do. My advice to the readers is following. Ask always for recommendation and trust only acknowledged people.

I am the happiest man in the world when I can help people. There are no specific disorders and diseases in Novi Sad except for the enormous of underground waters. It is well known that underground waters cause and speed up many diseases. Even when people known that underground waters cause and speed up many diseases. Even when people don’t know what’s the matter with them and have some difficulties of psychological nature that an be because of these underground waters.

I treated many different and painful diseases, diseased caused by stress. As an urban area Novi Sad has many people that are under stress. There are not specific diseases for which Novi Sad would be known. I treat rheumatic arthritis that none in this country or elsewhere does. Painful rheumatic diseases of wrist, spondilosis, spine… That means everything that is connected with bones, nerves and muscles. I also treat gastric spasms and esophagus spasms. Well, let say that I do not treat, more precisely I can not help with multiple sclerosis, dermatological diseases, heart diseases except for pressure that an be cured or normalized. I don’t keep statistics but none left unsatisfied. Great number of patients walked trough this space and I repeat that more than 90% of them were satisfied”.


Miracles always happen to somebody else and never to us. Does that always have to be the case? Miso helped numerous people. For “Svet” he speaks about himself and his successes. “When I was abroad I mostly helped people from Yugoslavia although energy doesn’t recognize the boarders, it is easier to cure somebody who speaks your language. In Yugoslavia some people do not wish to be heard that I treated them although I can’t understand what is there to hide? There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are ill. I cured Rade Serbedzija who helped me regain lost faith in human kind with his gratitude. He described every moment of those treatments and what was happening during sessions on radio “Free Europe”. He just didn’t want to keep it for himself or hide anything. And wherever he is or whoever he speaks with, he recommends people to see me. From these acts I see that he is a good man. We met in a café in Prague whose owner is my marriage witness Veso. Those were hard times for him and I offered my help. He was suffering from great stress. And when a man suffers from stress it is very easy to break down and to get sick.
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