First steps after nine years
Since 1982. I have worked with bioenergy but current powers I got 14 years ago. While one man was meditating it came to him that I recieved some new powers that cure. Person in this way enters some energy cycle, rythm. This can be compared with mobile phone, TV or radio signal to which I connect people. It requires at least five treatments for each disorder and I can guarantee that in 90% of cases I can help. After treatments are over there is no need to go anywhere else for people can afterwards connect to that energy themselves.

I mostly cure people from stress and other disorders caused by it, then from rheumatism and other problems for which traditional medicine has no cure. For example I had a patient who had a 70cm gap between his legs. He walked like a robot and he couldn’t move his hands properly, or knees, arms and fingers. People sometimes can’t be cured completely but after my treatments they can lead normal life, quite normal. I heal spasms, for example esophagus spasm, gastric spasm, bronchial spasm. I can help with all sorts of psychosomatic disorders. After received treatments the immune system stenghten. The number of blood cells gets higher after only five treatments. I can help quadriplegia, paraplegia, and I manage to make people gets up from bed and move in although they have been paralised for five to ten years and that is the great improvement. I achieved astonishing results in all kinds of sport injuries. I help people with hormonal disorders and osteoporosis. If women had a operation in which her genital organs had been removed, if she suffers from other things and receives artificial hormones, that leads to disharmony in the body and other complications. After my treatments these women feel like born again.


We bring you a story of Stevan Pejic from Rivice near Irig, born 19.02.1955.

He was hunting when a bullet hit him in his back and he became paralised. He became paraplegic for the rest of his life according to medical diagnosis. About everything that happened to him Stevan says: “ For nine years I was paralised. I excercised for two years and it didn’t help. I went on a rehab to Vrdnik spa hotel “Termal”…and then my aunt heard about Miso. I came to him and after ten treatments I felt much better. In the meantime I hurt my leg and for a month I had to make a pause. This is my eight treatment after that pause. I manage somehow – four meters forward and four backwards on my crutches. My legs are stronger now. I can’t get up from the wheels yet, I needed help, but I feel great. His powers, energies are doing the work themselves. I managed to get up without anybody helping me, to stand with crutches and to walk…I was not able to do that before. I couldn’t do anything. Now I can stand by the armchair and lean on it a bit. These are great fears…When I release myself from fear I shall walk without crutches.


With Miso’s help I succeded to make first steps after nine years. With two crutches I walked across entire room, went over the treshold, entered the kitchen, turned around and went back alone. I lean on my both legs. They were totally instable before. I can now control my spine and legs. When I entirely relax I can do that but still I am afraid. To be honest, before I turned to Miso I thought – I will try it but I think it’s not going to help. You see I thought that. I speak honestly and my conscious is clear. I couldn’t dream this would happen. I am telling you things as they are. When Miso works legs are moving up and down themselves. I also had a pain in the neck and now it is gone. For relatively short time Miso achieved all of this – ten days of treatments, one month pause, and now again ten days – practically in twenty days. And I spent two years on rehab and it didn’t help a bit.


There is something in Miso, I don’t know what is it but if he wants to bend me, he bends me, if he wants to pull me forward, he pulls me, if he wants to move my legs, he moves them. This is God’s miracle! In the beginning treatments were painful but now they are pleasant. I used to scream because of the pains. Every day for the past few years I have taken a pill for pains. Soon I will get up from wheels myself and sit in the car. There are 15 meters from my house to the car and I will be able to go anywhere. I will go for shopping and return. That will be enough for me. I had a rehab on parallel bars but they are fixed and with crutches everything is easier, so that is why I say – thank you God for there is a man like Miso. I felt some improvement when I was treated by Domacic, metal piece was taken out of my leg and then a man from Zemun started his healing. I canceled the treatments with the third man because he came with some tools and suggested three treatments with some food which should have cost me 7,5 thousand Euros. And then I heard for Miso. Miso doesn’t care about the money and all the others cared just about that”.
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