Rade is working on electricity
Rade Serbedzija, prominent actor who played in warior films of all ex/republics of former Yugoslavia and now wanted in Hollywood by numerous and producers, talks about his experience with famous biotherapist Miso Krstovic.

Unexpectedly something that none thought would happen to Rade Serbedzija did happen: he felt tired, kept forgetting his lines, felt dizziness. Physicians in Prague checked him up thoroughly but they couldn’t find the cause or the cure for his condition. Then one friend told him to go to see biotherapist Miso Krstovic.

All of this happened after the shooting of film “The Saint”. Rade Serbedzija got leading role in “The duet in Prague”. “It was the greatest surprise in my life” says our actor who now lives in London and continues to cite Hamlet: “Hamlet says to his friend Horacius, who was also the wisest and most educate man he knew “Horacius, there are things between heaven and earth philosophy is not even dreaming about.” That is very interesting fact and great at the same time. I was thinking about that when this happened. I knew bioenergy existed, that something exist and I even went to see a physician who was at he same time bioenergetic. At that time I was not extremely impressed. While I was in Prague I was not just exhausted. I felt weak. There were some suspicions that something with my heart was not right. I had high pressure and so I went to hospital. All analysis showed that nothing phisiologicaly was wrong, there were no sighns of damages or anything similar. The best Czech physicians checked me up but couldn’t find anything. I was still not feeling well, I had high pressure, felt dizziness, fatigue, felt tired and aphatic. Then I met with my friend Veso from Sarajevo who owns café “Dolly Bell” in Prague and told him about my problems. He said to me” “And why don’t you let Miso connect you?” To connect me? How? I looked him thinking he was joking with me. To connect me to what? To electricity?

“Yes, yes, to electricity” said Veso quite seriously…”to his electricity” he continued. Out of curiosity and not to offend him because he was a good friend I accepted to meet Miso.


And so Rade met Miso and he “connected” him. Miso was not saying that he was some miracle maker or anything like that. He was not boasting, he just said he was medium, transmitter of some kind of current, energy that was coming to him and that he couldn’t explain how. Jokingly he called himself a “transmit station” of cosmic energy and said that he had it in his hands, in his hands in some outlayer but that it wasn’t enough for transmitting it on others. It was necessary the person who was to recive it wanted it and believed in it. It was necessary for person to cooperate.

Rade adds that he was suspicious in the beginnig. Besides his condition he started forgetting lines and things. He couldn’t remember some roes or poems he knew by heart. “From Miso I received full therapeutical treatment in which I totally relaxed. You can’t describe it thoroughly with words but my body got rid of some negative layers. All my centers that had knots started working again. At one moment I experienced catharsis. I started singing about Yugoslavia and then started to cry.”

Rade admits that Yugoslavia was hi deepest and biggest stress. “During that session I completely lost myself, I opened up and got rid of all that negative energy that was accumulating for years, that burden, the stress that was bothering me, that kept me from lading normal life. After it I felt ease, I was like a bird, without problems. But that is not the end. I had some problems with my spine and leg because Achille’s heel split when I was playing tennis. And there was also the damaged knee from the time I fell from the stage into an orchestra hole 3.5 meters deep at the opening of “King Lear”. All at once my body started to bend and twist like a snake. Some movements I forgot o perform eiter because of the fear or pain. After treatment I could do everything.


We ask famous actor what was it that Miso did to him? “He was just walking around me and with his hands succeeded to create some defensive layer and encourage my immune system to start working again. By his concentration and mine as well he connected me to that “cosmic energy”, to some force and my body started to charge itself and defend itself from evil influences. I had eight to ten treatments. He also came to London to visit me and then I came out with an idea to use his power in theatre. To organize treatments with actors. I wanted to include him in project where he would work with actors and help them to free from the troubles with their own bodies. To make the science proved that human brain uses only the small percentage of its capacity. Humans are strange, fantastic, complicated machines and there are lot of things that we are not aware of . That releasing of energy with actors, I thought, would produce immense possibilities with expression. Unfortunately we haven’t done anything yet because I have been busy with filming. In some near future when me capture spare time, we shall try to arrange that in London.” “I know how” Rade continues his story “that I can treat myself and do the exercises. I can start that energy and recharge my batteries whenever I like. I am not crazy, primitive, but this is really fantastic. I know that there are lot of cheater who do this kind of work but also I know that there is an institute in London for alternative medicine. Members of royal family often go there and recieve similar treatments.
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