Hochkins desease
One of the cases that we need to mention is that of a seventeen year old Nenad Mrdjenovic. We are bringing you the article from “Novosadski nedeljnik (year 1997)”, papers that note Miso’s success.

Nenad was born on 19.09.1980. and he used to live in Dvor on Una while now he is a student of agricultural high school in Futog. Nenad suffered from Hochkins disease, malignant disease of lymph glands. His illness was not adequately treated from the start. His glands on the neck swelled and he was not able to swallow and his eyes were closed. After seven days he was sent to scan his lungs and they told him to go to Institute in Sremska Kamenica. Physicians planed to operate him but then they saw the blood conditon and abandoned the idea. From where he was sent to children’s hospital in Novi Sad on 15.02.1995. for Institute doesn’t treat younger than 18 years of age. In children’s hospital h stayed till December of 1996.

Nenad talks about that: “Therapies were mostly intravenous. They treated me with citostatics. I used to take up to seventy tablets a day. The worst thing was that I had open wounds in my mouth, I couldn’t drink or eat anything for weeks. My hair had fallen out. It is still not discovered what causes this disease. It is assumed that it is the effect of stress for I spent three days under the downpour of grenades. When I was released from hospital after three months I couldn’t stand on my right leg. My father heard for Mr. Miso from his friend and decided I should try his treatments. When I came to my first treatment in July, of 1997. I was holding my brother’s arm from one side and neighbor’s from the other because I couldn’t walk. They practically brought me there.


I didn’t believe that Miso could help me for at that time we tried countless number of healers, prophets, cheaters, but I had to try. During the first treatment I already started moving my leg. The next day I came alone without anybody’s help. When I was released from hospital my blood analysis were on the down border of normal. The normal number of blood cells is between 4 and 10 and I had 4,5. After three treatments the quality raised to 8,6. The normal value of hemoglobin is between 140 and 160 and after hospital treatment mine was 145 but after Miso’s three treatments it went up to 160. My X-ray of lungs was better as well. I started the treatment mostly because of the problems with my leg for in the hospital I was told that it was the consequence of treating with radiation and that they couldn’t help and that the pain would just vanish itself. Before I met Mr. Miso I went for check ups every 14 days and after treatments every three weeks and then once a month. Finally I go now every three months and I do not receive any kind of therapy. I must mention that I had a hole, 3cm wide in my lungs. Doctors didn’t want to operate me for they concluded it was too late for that and they continued to treat me with citostatics.

When I went to X-ray my lungs after Mr. Miso’s therapies the hole disappeared – it healed. I couldn’t believe.
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