Psycho-physical rebirth
Dragisa Manojlovic, 47 years old, born in Sarajevo, talks about his experiences: “I came from war with three wounds…My arm was paralised and in one eye I have eight and in the other ten metal pieces. When I came to Novi Sad I heard for Misa by chance. I Suffered from physical and psychological problems. That was really incredible for I vas in rather bad psychological condition.

From the beginning it was all surprise to me. When I finished my treatments I soaked from sweat. During the treatments I felt like some strange creature entered my body and did whatever it wanted. You don’t have any control over it, it just pulls you, flinches you… I couldn’t believe myself that my arm which was 70% paralised moved as a healthy one. I was completely conscious but without control. As if something inner guided my movements. I felt my arm went up and down, moved, and there was none beside me to initiate it and I was feeling pleasant. It was like unreal that I could move parlised arm like a healthy one. When I first stood beside Miso I experienced the feeling of three cold rays around my head. After three or four treatments I felt those same rays around paralised arm. That energy commanded over me and there was no chance I could stop it.

I also suffered from stenosys. It’s the narrowing of stomach. After I would eat a soup I couldn’t continue eating. I had to wait for 15 to 20 minutes. Now after these treatments I can eat three full meals at once. This morning I had four boiled eggs, 200 grams of ham, cheese, sour cream and five slices of bread. This much food I couldn’t eat at once before and this morning I could.

I was in war for four years. Consequences are always felt afterwards. We used to say: ”The man who saves his head is the winner”. But I know that the real battle with life comes after. You must earn your living and there are no jobs. Maybe it is good that this article is going to be published for there are a lot of my friends here in Serbia who have the same problem. The worst thing is when you don’t have anyone to turn to or to speak with and you just keep pushing your emotions to the bottom. Then people start to close into themselves.

This is a miracle. People should see this.Miso doesn’t touch you and it is you that do all the work. After treatments I feel so tired that I just want to drag myself to the bed.

I couldn’t sleep. After first treatment was over I went to bed at eight o’clock in the evening and woke up at nine in the next day. This happened for the first time since I came from the war. I feel like a child now”.
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