God's energy against claustrophobia
Zorka Ceranic, a clerk from Backo Novo Selo talks about her meeting with Miso, her experience and the results of treatments for the readers of “Svet”.

My health condition suddenly got worse after few stresses that I had during previous year. Some great fear started to occur and some unknown situations. During the drive I noticed that I was afraid to sit at a back seat of a car that had no doors or windows or which couldn’t open. I realized how much I was afraid to go with elevator the moment I stuck. The fear I felt caused sudden suffocation. I think I would suffocate if the elevator had no opened. Earlier I was treated because of allergies and I was told that was the effect of allergens. But after the therapy fears, phobias and suffocations only got worse.

When I came to Mr. Miso Krstovic, everything started to go better. I met many people that were at Miso’s therapy and we all have in common that we feel the presence of energy near us. Mr. Krstovic thought us all to “connect” with energies at home. People are totally conscious while connected to energies but unwilling and reflexed movements occur. I, for example, couldn’t cry although I had some deaths in my family. Energies made me cry during the treatments. That cry purified my soul and relaxed me.

Now I feel much better. Although I was treated because of allergies for five years, only now, after Miso’s treatments I feel much better. I am no longer afraid of crowds, driving in the car, closed space. In office I don’t have to open the door as it was the case before for I had seizures when the door was closed. All symptoms are gone now and generally, I have much less problems.

I saw Miso on TV. He seemed so simple and common. His bright and positive eyes gave me a sort of trust that I should turn to him as to a fiend and I didn’t regret it. I am the parent of two children and as a mother it is my duty to remain healthy. My family supported me in my intention to go to Miso and get cured. Whenever I have a chance I talk about how Miso helped me. People have to experience treatments so they could understand it properly. It is clear from the start that this is not the case of using hypnosis nor tricks, but that is real God’s energy that surrounds us and that helps us thanks to Miso Krstovic. Since I had experienced these energies I have been much closer to God.

I invite all people with psychological disfunctions to come to Miso Krstovic so they could prevent illnesses that usually follow. People should release themselves from fears so they could lead normal life in these hard times.”
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