Believe only acknowledged people
“NS plus” journalist Aleksandar Fililpovic, famous for his TV – Show “Tabloid” has gladly responded to request of our papers to talk about his experiences from treatments with Miso Krstovic – as a man who Miso helped and as a journlist. “Since my show is not commercial and there are no such things as ‘pay to be a quest’, on the recommandation of Dado Papic, manager of Rambo Amadeus, I came into a contact with cosmo-bioenergetic Miso Krstovic. The great number of famous people that he cured and what I saw during treatments made me invite him to be a quest in my talk-show “Tabloid” for I have always tried to makes shows provocative, watched and effective. I made 60 shows and the greatest reaction produced exactly this one in which Miso was the quest. After it was over, telephones kept ringing till late in the night. And none asked me whether I believe him, just: “How can I come into a contact with Miso?”

Because of the stress to which all journalists are exposed, I as well felt fatigue, had sore throath, my immunity had weakend and problems with stomach started to occur so after the show I decided to join Miso’s treatments. Those treatments were quite new and different experience. Each part of my body that was disfunctional reacted. What was definitely fantastic was the way in which Miso taught me to do treatments alone. I can’t otherwise explain how I managed to do two shows and to be a quest in third in just one day and that it wasn’t thanks to Miso who taught me to become my own accumulator.

- How do u explain what Miso does?

Miso is just a medium between that cosmic or God’s energy and the one we carry. I define him as a man who knows his part and limits. He has power and he doesn’t misuse it. I define him as a teacher for using existing energies.

- Why did you decide to talk about your experiences in public?

Because I think that my name and authority can help some people to find a cure. For it is true that I had big health problems that vanished after Miso’s treatments. Of course it depends on me whether I shall keep this condition with exercises and self-discipline.
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