God's energy against rheumatism
Zoran Lalatovic, our famous basketball player who played for “Lovcen”, “BFC”, “Radnicki”, “Mornar”, “NAP” etc. talks about his experiences during the therapies with Miso Krstovic for the readers of “Svet”.

“I had problems with my spine and my back. I am a sportsman. I thought it was from sport injury – a strain of my back part. But it came out to be rheumatism. I tried with all methods that were available in modern medicine but I saw no improvement. Trough our mutual friend Dado Papic I met with Miso Krstovic but I was a bit suspicious. That was my last solution in a search for cure. Already after the first treatment I felt much better, physically as well as psychologically what made me leave my distrust behind. Miso’s treatments are very hard to be explained with words. Only the person who experience them can understand. There is no physical contact with patients and as it is the case with many others who work with alternative methods. I felt like energies were carrying me and did with my body things I couldn’t ever do. The final result is that I don’t feel any pain now and it seems like I never had. Besides that Miso taught me to exercise with energy alone which is very good. It is sometimes good to repeat treatments preventively even when you are feeling well.

I met many people that Miso helped and I personally watched treatments with other patients – all was amazing. After all kinds of therapies people finally found help.

Miso is a man who really wants to help. If he can’t, he surely won’t start with therapy that exceedes his powers. About what I have experienced and seen at these treatments I could speak for days. Those who need help should turn to him and he will definitely help them with all his honesty. Miso is the best reference for himself.
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