He defeated cancer
Miso Krstovic a cosmobioenergetic, once again proved that miracles are not miracles but – reality.

Biljana Segedinac, born in 1961 in Sarajevo, came to Novi Sad in April of 1992. Four months after she noticed changes on her left breast and eight to nine months after she was diagnosed with tumor. It was said to be CITOSARCOM – on the brink of malignant. First operation was done in Belgrade and after it other operations took place, one after the other for life years. She met Miso in February of 1998. About everything after that Biljana told us:

Amazed doctors

“I took nine treatments at Miso’s practice. Miso advised me still to go to operation and to remove that knot physically. I stood the operation quite well, I even left hospital the same day. After it I wasn’t treated with ways for there was no need. After the fifth operation doctors more amazed because my diagnosis was changed. Trough searches were done and according to analysis there was no trace of tumor that I was suffering from but it turned to benign tumor. Doctors found themselves in a miracle for the structure of disease changed in the most unbelievable way and on it’s place they found benign tumor that women can get only in early puberty. Since I was 37 years old, doctors thought that a mistake had been made. But after few analysis diagnosis confirmed. Not only did Miso manage to give me back my strength and self-confidence but he also changed my diagnosis. All four operations showed that it was benign tumor – citosarcom, but the fifth operation showed it was phibradenom which was impossible for doctors.


I never went to anybody for help before, I was very sceptic. I couldn’t belive that something like this could happen. Miso doesn’t ask any questions. He works. When Miso lets his energy trough entire body it starts to react the way he wants. Body starts to release stresses, everything negative that has been accumulated. Finally this tumor that tortured me and my family for five years was the result of stress from which all people who came from Sarajevo suffered.

I am cured

There are people who can normally talk with about this kind of treatment and who accepted it for theory are just aware of it. But I feel sometimes that it is easier for society to leave people in condition they are than to return them to life. I had a feeling all the time during the operations that each time they would write me off more and more. And I think that this comeback into living world is more shocking for me. People are very strange. Some have faith, some don’t. real friends and people who supported me for five years see a great change of my physical and psychological condition as well as of the strength of my body and of my disease…That is no longer disease for me. I consider myself cured.”

“There has been more than two years now since I went to Miso, and my condition is, thanks to God, excellent! Last year I had a swall surgery which showed phibradenom – benign and not like before Miso’s treatments malignant tumor. Then the diagnosis was citosarcom filodes. Nothing appeared since last surgery.”(1999.)
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