Cosmic energy won in Tokio as well
In great Budokhan Hall, the temple of combat sports, Nebojsa Rokvic went up to the top of the karate world and won the gold medal.

This citizen of Novi Sad has been training karate for 20 years now, from 1979. when he started in “Metalac” from Futog. At present he trains in karate club “YU KARATE DO” at Dusan Dacic. Up to now he has taken part in numerous European and world contests, has been firs in Yugoslavia but as he himself admits after Miso’s treatments this year, made he greatest success. He achieved this success as a representative of “YUGOSLAV KARATE UNION” with Dusan Dacic and Marko Nicovic on the head of it, on “WADO-KAI WORLD CARATE-DO CUP” on Tokyo. It was open championship of Japan and at the same time world championship, the most important gathering of world’s finest karatist. On this contest 53 representations from all over the world took part and our team, together with Nebojsa, won the golden medal.

It almost happened for samurai spear, the symbol of victory on this championship, to leave the island – for the first time since it was made. For 65 years, since the first championship was organized, foreigners were never a bit close to even consider a victory. Having a lot of understanding for the pain our guys left the spear.

Contestors of YUGOSLAV KARATE UNION get all kinds of invitations from all over the world and they are treated as the strongest team in this part of Europe. The most famous sport magazines and media in general have shown a great interest for our UNION and it success. Japaneese karate federation offered us to stay in Japan for a month and demonstrate them our school of karate.

Exercising karate I had a lot of successes on numerous contests. But whenever I needed excellent finish I would suffer from a lack of concentration. On big contests my concentration would weaken when it was most important for me to stay fully concentrated. I was not able to achieve successes that were expected according to my physical condition. I even lost interest in karate. Turning Miso made everything different. I achieved the unity of my soul and body. Miso taught me to “enter” my own energies.

I have a friend who Miso helped. After talking with him I decided to take a friend of mine who suffered from muscle atrophy. When I saw how he helped him I decided to join the treatments. I was in dilemma but what I saw with my own eyes assured me that u should try myself to make my condition better. During treatments I managed to relax and to release accumulated stress out of me.

On this occasion I thank Miso Krstovic for his unreserved help. I would also warmly recommend to all sportsmen that are aiming high to turn to Miso Krstovic – and the success is guaranteed.

It is interesting that before he turned to Miso Krstovic, Nebojsa could break only 11 tiles during demonstrations of his karate skills, wheres now he can break even 21 tiles.
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