Two man who helped everybody
Dado Papic, famous musicians manager, is also one of many who convicted himself in Miso’s ability. Mr. Papic kindly answered to our invitation to talk about his experiences with treatments at Miso’s practice exclusively for the readers of “Svet”.

“I have always pains in my back, I suffered from spondilosis and I was tired all the time, nervous, always on road in stress. I had a deviation in my nose as well that made my respiratory system more difficult to work properly. I met Miso, talked to him and when I realized what kind of men he was I came to his treatments shortly afterwards.

At the first treatment I was kind of tensed, I couldn’t relax but at the second and third treatment I was “connected” and everything worked out just fine. I felt warmth and as some burden was coming of my chests…I had some movements of my arms that I couldn’t control and I felt as those were not mine. Some force leading my body and it was pleasant feeling.

The thing is that you do what is necessary, energies control you. From the start I believed in Miso’s powers and I was not wrong. After the treatments I had a car accident in which I broke my collarbone. Doctors told me that I would have pains, because of the nature of injury, every time weather changes. During the rehab and after it I was going to Miso’s therapies and he done his work properly so for the last three years I haven’t got any troubles during the weather changes although physicians forcasted great pains. Miso’s treatments prevent them. I have always believed that people like Miso existed. That is God’s gift. There are people with positive energy that helps others.

These hard times made many scums, charlatans come to the surface that people are definitely afraid and they are really hard to be convicted that somebody possesses this energy which can help a bit. Miso is the man who helped everyone and has my unreserved trust.”
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