Movements of health
Zeljko Spojak, (49) from Novi Sad,

Works in “Elektrovojvodina”, got ill eight years ago. According to neurological experts he was diagnosed partialy paralised on his right leg. “I simply gave up from everything. I tried to walk, ride a bicycle. To Miso I came riding a bicycle for six kilometers although I could have come by car. I have to admit that I was sceptic a bit, for each one of us has a small dose of disbelif to do something to something that is new. There isn’t a thing in the world I wouldn’t do to cure myself. I have to say that firs he cured my psychologically. I am now happier and more in the mood. I carry my legs better. I can pull that right leg up although I still limp I pull it up and I must say that I am over-satisfied. People have to believe in everything they do and they have to believe in Miso when they turn to him for help. Down the ages there have been different spheres and healers have been known for in various cultures”.

Savka Kerkez, (44) from Novi Sad,

Works as a school teacher and speaks of her experience. “In 1989 I had a car accident. The difficulties I suffered from reached the highest peak in 1994. Immediately after the operation the condition got worse and it was followed with insufferably pains in spine and legs. I hardly moved and walked. For the second time I was operated in 1995. For the short time after I felt better but again it started to go worse. Rehabs, spas, anti-rheumatics. Again the condition improved a bit but not for long. It was considered DEFINITE. I started feeling sorry for myself. I began to say goodbye to all life pleasures and stopped communicating with people. It was in the end of 1997. when my neighbour gave me “NS Nedeljnik” in which I came across the name of Miso Krstovic for the first time. Now I am relaxed, it’s easier to walk, my pains have been greatly reduced and I look on life “optimistically”. I am ready to fight myself and illness”.

Ljubica Avdanjin, (19.07.1941.) Sombor

“There are no words that can express gratitude. If someone is ill and wants to get better then he or she should freely and with a lot of trust turn to this noble man Mr. Miso and health will be returned”.

Tatjana Maletaski, (29.03.1967.) Sremska Mitrovica

“We are lucky to have people like Misa and Julija in our town. They are noble, kind, honest and good people who will have my gratitude for the rest of my life because they helped my nephew, my sister and me. My problems with sleeping are over as well my neurosis. And this energy works preventively on my spine (lumbar and neck part) which would surely cause me much difficulties later and I was not aware of that. Energy “worked” exactly on these spots”.

Mirela Objedovic, Novi Sad

“A lot of thanks to Mr. Miso and his energies. I am happy again”.

Dejan Davidovic, Sombor

“ Miso, live for hundred years, do good, defeat evil in people. For there is God. Eternally grateful”!

Gajic Jelica, (1956), Sid

“After the operations of genitals seven years ago problems started to occur: anemia, high pressure, kidneys with cists and sand, hormonal disorder, pain in sacrum and wrists, sand in the gall, terrible depression as a result of everything previously mentioned. I felt awfully. I thought that there was no cure for me but already after ten treatments with Miso I experienced rebirth. I can just express my gratitude for he turned me back to life again”.
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